Tips for a Winter Wedding


Winter weddings are a great way to change things up from your typical wedding day. They come with some nice perks such as off season rates from most vendors as well as some variable whether that can make for some really dramatic photos. There are however some important things to consider if you are going to have a winter wedding.

(1) It's going to be really cold.

Obviously. But as obvious as that sounds, until you are outside for an hour and half getting your bridal photos done, you don't realise just how cold that will actually be. Wedding dresses are not by nature 'warm' so it's important to make sure you have a coat or a warm throw, or even a blanket on hand while you are waiting for the next shot to be set up.


(2) It will be darker than you think and faster than you expect

Winter days, especially if you get a rainy one, are a lot darker than your typical summer day. This means that your photos have the potential to be a bit darker, this can be a cool thing if you're into that, but if not it's a good idea to let your photographer know if you are happy for them to use additional lighting sources and when you're happy for them to use them. For example, with getting ready photos you might be happy with a bit of flash and / or a continuous light, but during a ceremony this can be distracting. If you don't want flash used during the ceremony then you might need to be aware that some photos may come out a little darker.


The sun also sets much earlier during winter and if you plan to have a late afternoon ceremony, then you might need to consider doing your bridal photos before the ceremony. Don't be fooled by the 'expected sunset time', while the sun might set at 5:22pm on your wedding day, it will start to get darker much earlier than that. If you have a 4pm or a 4:30pm ceremony, it leaves very little time for group photos and bridal photos before you run out of natural light.


(3) It will rain.

Planning for rain is really important for a winter wedding. This means making sure you have umbrellas on hand. Another pair of shoes especially if you plan on some adventurous photos e.g. in a potentially muddy vineyard, or at the beach etc and decide how far you are prepared to go when it comes to getting wet. The rain can be a lot of fun in photos, but deciding how far you want to take things will let your photographer know how far to take things, or even how to set up a shot.


Finally and most importantly, embrace the moments, winter weddings can be unpredictable but that also means they can be a lot of fun.

Vendor Spotlight: The Buskers - Auckland Covers Band

If you're considering live music for your wedding reception then you really can't go wrong with auckland covers band 'The Buskers'. 

It's often a misconception that hiring a band over a DJ will be a lot more expensive but that's not necessarily the case. DJ prices while generally a bit cheaper are for the most part not significantly cheaper, and while there are some great DJ's out there, there is a lot to be said for the raw, visceral energy you get from a really pumping live band.

The Buskers are run by musician Danny McCrum and are renowned for their professionalism, energy and tight funky sound. Their show is dynamic and responsive knowing exactly when to get the crowd moving and when to slow things down. Their set covers a mix of rock, funk, soul and pop from a wide range of artists e.g. Stevie Wonder, Daft Punk, Kings of Leon, The Black Keys, The Beatles, Ben Harper, The Kinks, Michael Jackson, The Police, Bruno Mars, Queen, The Rolling Stones, Beyonce, Pearl Jam, Dire Straits, The Killers, Supergroove, Duffy, The Dandy Warhols, Bob Marley and many more.

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for the great entertainment on Saturday night. Everyone had a fantastic night, and that was mostly due to the great vibe you guys created with your music. We've had many friends comment that it was the best party they've been to for ages and that the band was "epic"!! We'll certainly be recommending you to anyone looking for a great band in the future. Thanks to you all for your friendly, professional manner and for making our celebration a great night to remember for all of us!

Check out their website here - or have a quick listen to them in action below.

Thinking of eloping or having a small wedding?

Weddings can be pretty daunting things. Besides all of the elements that have to come together to form this perfect day, there is the added stress of getting up in front of a lot of people and sharing something that is a very intimate moment. For some people this is really easy for others it can be very scary. There's nothing wrong with deciding that the tradditional wedding format just isn't for you. 

People decide to elope or to have very small wedddings for a number of reasons. Sometimes in can be because of difficult family situations, or due to family living on the other side of the world. For some it might be for financial reasons and for other it might be simply just to keep a very intimiate moment private and just for the two of you. Whatever your reason that doesn't mean your wedding can't be special, romantic or truely wonderful. 


If you are thinking of eloping or having a small wedding, here are a few ideas and great suppliers doing lovely things for small weddings. 

One of the luxuries of not being tied to a typical wedding format is the freedom to do things when you and how you want - if you decide you want to get married at midnight at the top of mountain you can (of course you might have to convince a celebrant and a witness or two - but convincing a few people is a lot easier than organising a whole wedding!).

You have more time. Because you can choose to make dinner reservations for 8pm for just the two of you or just a few family and friends, you can spend the whole day doing things in your own time. If you want to go to 4 different spots to get some kick ass wedding photos taken, you don't have to worry about being back in time for the caters or the wedding guests. 

You can get creative - eloping or having a small wedding means you can book your ceremony at some really unconventional locations. For instance there are some truely lovely rustic baches available like this one - Or you could get married in a local art gallery or something a little more urban like a city roof / deck similar to this -

There's even more freedom to be romantic - intimate weddings also allow you to be truely romantic. Imagine just the two of you, a few of your closest family and friends, a dusk wedding under a tree at the family farm, surrounded by hanging fairy lights and an acoustic guitar ( as you walk down the isle. Later on a picnic dinner under the stars (

Whatever you decide to do on your special day. So long as it's what you want, then you shouldn't feel tied down to having to have a tradditional wedding day. 

Why you should consider a Spring Wedding in Auckland: September, October and November Weddings

Its true that the majority of Weddings in Auckland take place between December - March with most people citing weather as the primary reason for choosing a summer month. It makes sense, after all your most likely to get a sunny day, aren't you? Well if you're an Aucklander you know that's not necessrilly a given! Even if we end up with a really dry summer, there are some real benefits from considering a less conventional month for your wedding.

Everything is new -  Spring is all about new beginnings with new blossoms, new leaves, new lambs. 

The light is lovely - spring light is a little different, it's less harsh, it bounces off all the bright new colours and dew in lovely ways and is lot easier on your guests especially if you have an outdoor session. And even though you might expereience a shower or too, the rain also brings the clouds which offer a difused light and can make for some of the best photos

Dusk is still early - depending on the package you choose, time maybe a restriction in summer if you want to capture some lovely dusk shots as at the height of summer the sunsets at approximately 8:30pm. 

Timing - if you're planning on a large wedding then summer might not be the best time to ensure all your guests can come. Many travel outside of Auckland to see family or go on holiday during these summer months (especially families with kids). 

But most importantly, have a spring wedding is just a great way to go for something a little different. With everyone choosing the same months, your wedding and photos will have an edge that others won't.