Thinking of eloping or having a small wedding?

Weddings can be pretty daunting things. Besides all of the elements that have to come together to form this perfect day, there is the added stress of getting up in front of a lot of people and sharing something that is a very intimate moment. For some people this is really easy for others it can be very scary. There's nothing wrong with deciding that the tradditional wedding format just isn't for you. 

People decide to elope or to have very small wedddings for a number of reasons. Sometimes in can be because of difficult family situations, or due to family living on the other side of the world. For some it might be for financial reasons and for other it might be simply just to keep a very intimiate moment private and just for the two of you. Whatever your reason that doesn't mean your wedding can't be special, romantic or truely wonderful. 


If you are thinking of eloping or having a small wedding, here are a few ideas and great suppliers doing lovely things for small weddings. 

One of the luxuries of not being tied to a typical wedding format is the freedom to do things when you and how you want - if you decide you want to get married at midnight at the top of mountain you can (of course you might have to convince a celebrant and a witness or two - but convincing a few people is a lot easier than organising a whole wedding!).

You have more time. Because you can choose to make dinner reservations for 8pm for just the two of you or just a few family and friends, you can spend the whole day doing things in your own time. If you want to go to 4 different spots to get some kick ass wedding photos taken, you don't have to worry about being back in time for the caters or the wedding guests. 

You can get creative - eloping or having a small wedding means you can book your ceremony at some really unconventional locations. For instance there are some truely lovely rustic baches available like this one - Or you could get married in a local art gallery or something a little more urban like a city roof / deck similar to this -

There's even more freedom to be romantic - intimate weddings also allow you to be truely romantic. Imagine just the two of you, a few of your closest family and friends, a dusk wedding under a tree at the family farm, surrounded by hanging fairy lights and an acoustic guitar ( as you walk down the isle. Later on a picnic dinner under the stars (

Whatever you decide to do on your special day. So long as it's what you want, then you shouldn't feel tied down to having to have a tradditional wedding day.