Why you should consider a Spring Wedding in Auckland: September, October and November Weddings

Its true that the majority of Weddings in Auckland take place between December - March with most people citing weather as the primary reason for choosing a summer month. It makes sense, after all your most likely to get a sunny day, aren't you? Well if you're an Aucklander you know that's not necessrilly a given! Even if we end up with a really dry summer, there are some real benefits from considering a less conventional month for your wedding.

Everything is new -  Spring is all about new beginnings with new blossoms, new leaves, new lambs. 

The light is lovely - spring light is a little different, it's less harsh, it bounces off all the bright new colours and dew in lovely ways and is lot easier on your guests especially if you have an outdoor session. And even though you might expereience a shower or too, the rain also brings the clouds which offer a difused light and can make for some of the best photos

Dusk is still early - depending on the package you choose, time maybe a restriction in summer if you want to capture some lovely dusk shots as at the height of summer the sunsets at approximately 8:30pm. 

Timing - if you're planning on a large wedding then summer might not be the best time to ensure all your guests can come. Many travel outside of Auckland to see family or go on holiday during these summer months (especially families with kids). 

But most importantly, have a spring wedding is just a great way to go for something a little different. With everyone choosing the same months, your wedding and photos will have an edge that others won't.