Wedding FAQ's

Can we book a consultation with you?

Definitely. I always tell couples that it's a good idea to meet first, either in person or via Skype to make sure that we click. Photography is a very personal experience and it's important that you feel comfortable with us.

How soon should we book?

I typically suggest booking at least 6 months to a year before your wedding as the season can fill up really fast. That said, always feel free to check if we’re free as sometimes there are cancellations or spaces left.

How do we book?

Once we’ve had a chance to chat and go over what you are looking for, then booking is simply a matter of completing the wedding deposit and reviewing the T’s and C’s. Then from there we are all set to go!

My partner and I are generally quite shy and aren’t that comfortable in front of a camera, can we choose to do only a few poses and then just candid photos for the rest?

This is a really good question as many people feel the same way. We love to work both ways, whether you want a specific selection of posed photos or would prefer to keep things candid and more journalistic in nature, it’s completely up to you and what you feel the most comfortable with.

If you are a bit shy but still want to get some posed photos then that’s just fine too. We will help you with posing and work in with what you’re comfortable with. We won’t make you do any poses that feel stiff or you don’t want to (e.g. dipping photos or really smoochy ones if you’re not keen on those). Sometimes it helps to get a list together of the must have shots and once we have the ones you know you’re keen on the rest can just be fun, candid and in the moment. 

Another suggestion we often say is to make use of the complimentary engagement shoot. This gives you a really good insight into how it all works and can take away some of nerves that come from not knowing what to expect.

Would you consider travelling outside of Auckland for a wedding?

Absolutely. I love photographing different locations and environments and am happy to travel all over New Zealand and overseas.

What does the second shooter do?

Second shooters are great for a couple of reasons. Often, depending on what’s happening on the day and where, it can be hard for just one photographer to capture everything. For example, the bride and groom often get ready in different locations but at similar times so it can be difficult for one photographer to capture both the bride and the groom getting ready.

During the ceremony, it is often really helpful to get one photographer to focus on the bride and one to focus on the groom. That’s not to say that one photographer can’t do both, the only downside is that you might miss a really special reaction or moment of the bride if you’re capturing something the groom is doing and visa versa. For example, you want to get a photo of the groom saying his vows but at the same time you want to capture how the bride reacts in this moment.  

How long does it take to receive the photos?

This typically takes between 4-5 weeks depending on how many weddings are booked in around the time of your wedding date.

How will we receive my photos?

Once your photos are ready they are loaded as high resolution files into a USB drive and delivered to you. I will divide the images into two groups, “Album suggestions” and “The rest of the day”. A premium edit is completed on these album photos and then the remaining images will have a high quality edit run on them.